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Fondue Entrees

Prepare your taste buds for a trip around the world with our dinner menu inspired by traditional French, Asian, Caribbean and Thai cooking styles. You will also choose from a variety of meats, seafood, and ravioli accompanied with a bowl of cooked seasoned rice and vegetables for a meal you will not forget.


Fondue Feast for two | $ 75.00
Step 1: Choose any regular cheese fondue
Step 2: Choose any cooking style
Step 3: Choose any one side salad per person
Step 4: Choose any fourm entree items
Includes soft drinks (free refills). Menu cannot be used for private events.
Entrée list |   Create your own Entrée
Honey Garlic Chicken
Teriyaki Pork
Beef Tenderloin *
Sirloin Meatballs
Sea Scallops **
Colosal Shrimp **
Cheese or Spinach Ravioli
Individual Portion:
Pick 1 or 2 items $ 15
(Single serving only)
Couple Portion:
Pick 2 $ 28
Pick 3 $ 32
Pick 4 $ 36
(Two person serving only)
* $ 3.00 | ** $ 4.00

Cooking Styles

Blanco (Light Flavor)*
Seasoned chicken broth, white wine and garlic.

Coq Au Vin (French Style)*
Seasoned beef broth with burgundy wine and spices.

Tom Yum (Thai Style)*
Vegetable broth with garlic, scallions and spices.
Sukiyaki (Asian Style)
Soy sauce, toasted sesame seeds anda sweet ginger.

Mojo (Caribbean Style)
Seasoned chicken broth, white wine and garlic.

Court Boullion
choice of seasoned vegetable, chicken or beef broth.
Fondue Combinations
2 For $50 Fondue Combination
One Regular Cheese Fondue
Choice of: Classic, Formaggio,
Cheddar Melt, Bruschetta or
Spinach Artichoke.
Premium Pick 4 for One Couple
Choice of four: Beef, Shrimp
Honey Garlic Chicken, Teriyaki Pork
or Ravioli.
2 For $30 Fondue Combination
One Regular Cheese Fondue
Choice of Classic, Formaggio
or Cheddar Melt. 
Classic Pick 2 for One Couple
Choice of two: Beef,
Honey Garlic Chicken or Ravioli
No additional discounts can be used with fondue combinations. Menus cannot be used for private events. Fridays and Saturdays served until 7:00 pm only.


Garden salad with your choice of:


Homemade French Dijon
Vinaigrette dressing
Balsamic Vinaigrette
Side salad $2.50
Salad Bowl $5.00
Apples or Broccoli $1
Bread $2
Mixed Veggie or Rice $2
All entrees are served with cooked rice, vegetables and dipping sauces: (Teriyaki, Asian-chili, horseradish, creamy chili, orange-ginger, sesame, lime-dill, garlic-pesto, pesto, marinara).


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+ 201 969 8005